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Our appraisal assignment areas extend from Lake Erie to Central Delaware and include farmlands, forestlands, recreational properties, public lands, trout streams, estate properties, agri-business properties, and many others.

Our body of completed appraisal work includes:

  • Charitable Contribution or Sale of Rights associated with a Conservation Easement
  • NRCS Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (AECP)
  • Natural Resources - timber, minerals, water rights
  • Recreational properties, trails, greenways, fish and boat access, PA Game Commission park land.
  • Partial Interests- minority, leasehold, life estates, scenic and conservation easements
  • Agri-Business – grain centers, greenhouses, livestock sale facilities, feed mills, orchards, vineyards,  permanent plantings
  • Eminent Domain - compensation including value of land taken plus severance damages
  • Estate Planning and Settlement
  • UASFLA Federal Land Acquisition (Yellow Book).
  • Expert testimony given in Bankruptcy Court, Board of View and Assessment Hearing Boards
  • 2032A – Special Use Appraisals

Snyder Appraisal Associates specializes in appraising agricultural, rural and environmentally sensitive properties throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.  We complete appraisals for conservation easements, charitable contributions of real estate (IRS appraisals), federal land acquisitions (UASFLA), estate planning and lending decisions.

Nothing on this website may be used or construed as legal advice or tax advice. Please consult your professional advisors.

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